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We believe that the Bible is in the inspired Word of God, and that the New Testament is the final authority for the church and for the Christian.

We believe in the Genesis account of Creation and the fall of man. We believe in the Trinity, the Virgin Birth, salvation by faith in Christ, the soon return of Jesus Christ, and the existence of heaven and hell.

We believe that to be saved, you must repent, believe, and receive Jesus Christ, the Son of God, as Lord and Saviour; that you must be born again and be made a new creature in Christ, created in His likeness, showing forth His virtues, and producing the good works that come as a result of His living within you.

We believe that Christ must have control of every area of our lives and that when He controls us, others will know it. We believe that the New Testament teaching of simplicity and modesty apply to every area of our lives, including dress, appearance, possessions and social and recreational activities.

We believe that the church should observe practices ordained by the Lord and commanded by His apostles. We believe that marriage is instituted by God, that believers should not marry unbelievers, and that the marriage union is indissoluble by man and can only be severed by death.

We belive that the Chirst, though in the world, is not of the world. We are pilgrims and strangers, and as such, we follow the commandments and standars of our home country–heaven. Thus we do not involve ourselves in the affairs of earthly governements. We do not realiate or take revenge. Rather, we seek to return good for evil, and to always be ready to give ourselves for others.

Ultimately, our goal is the same goal as Jesus Christ’s, who “would have all men to be saved”.